soft. precise.professional

Perfect makeup starts with top-notch brushes. BRIOLETT cosmetics brushes have been developed to meet the expectations of professional makeup artists at photo shoots and on film sets. We have combined  superior quality with efficient shapes, classic design and sustainable manufacturing. Our product range includes our versions of the most popular makeup brushes, which have been crafted to meet the highest expectations of both professional and personal users.

Soft: BRIOLETT brushes are exceptionally gentle, which makes them the ideal choice for sensible skin.

Precise: The briolette shape was inspired by a gemstone cut and is one of the most efficient brush shapes available. Thanks to its pointed tip, color can be applied with great precision. The shorter bristles make for effortless blending and shading.

Professional: Our brushes’ shapes and materials are based on in-depth experience working with a wide variety of facial shapes and people. BRIOLETT brushes are exactly what professional makeup artists need to work their magic, whether it’s at a film set or at their salon.

We believe in sustainable manufacturing. That is why our brushes are handmade in Germany and the pouches and labels are produced by small locally owned companies.

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